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Lexus Repair Service in San Luis Obispo

Lexus Service and Repair in San Luis Obispo

The Lexus grew from an automotive project started by Toyota in 1983. It was known as the F1 project. After six years of experimentation by the Japanese automotive company, the Lexus line was launched in 1989. The Lexus became famous for combining style and class. It also prompted other mid-range vehicle manufacturers to start luxury lines. It’s safe to say that Lexus helped revolutionize luxury lines throughout the world.

Lexus vehicles that require repair are always welcome at Villa Automotive. Our team of automotive professionals excels at performing Lexus repair in San Luis Obispo. We’re also dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. Our combination of quality customer service and automotive repairs makes us the premier auto shop of San Luis Obispo. The main thing that sets us apart from our competitors is our ability to properly repair mid-range and luxury vehicles.

Since 1947 we’ve been repairing vehicles and making good relationships with vehicle owners in the neighborhood. We aren’t your average shop. When you pull up to our garage in your Lexus, you’ll feel right at home. The cleanliness of our shop and the professionalism of our mechanics will build your confidence in us. Soon enough, after coming in for your first Lexus repair, you’ll have as much confidence in us as we do in our ability to fix any problem with your Lexus.