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30K Mile Service in San Luis Obispo, CA

30K Mile Service in San Luis Obispo, CA - Villa Automotive

Now that you have reached 30,000 miles, you may ask yourself, what kind of maintenance does my vehicle need? Sure there are a number of basic maintenance services done to vehicles in shorter intervals. For instance, wheel alignments and oil changes could be done after reaching the 3,000th to 6,000th mile. For longer intervals, like the 30,000 miles, a 30K service may be the best thing that can be performed to your vehicle. This type of service includes several replacements and checks ups such as engine tune-ups, checking of the air-conditioning system, fuel filter and air filter replacement. Spark plugs and spark plug wires may also be replaced during this type of service. These services ensure your vehicle to run smoothly and efficiently.

A 30K service can be done at your favorite auto service center. If it is your first time giving your vehicle a 30K service, it is best to take your vehicle to a reputable auto maintenance shop to be sure that you will be given value for your money. Although a 30K service may cost you hundreds of dollars, it is highly recommended so as to avoid future vehicle damage that may even cost you thousands of dollars. Here at Villa Automotive we perform 30k mile service in San Luis Obispo on all makes and models, foreign and domestic. Call us for more details.

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